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About us

50+ Years of Seal Engineering

The history of SM Seals goes back to 1904 when Ronald Trist patented the SEA Ring or Gland Ring and subsequently established Ronald Trist & Company.
Fifty years later, Trist entered into the mechanical seal market, developing an axial seal for a major sugar refiner in the UK. The company later added seals for large cooling water pumps used in fossil fuel power stations and in the same period was also merged with Bells Asbestos Company, becoming known as Bestobell Seals Ltd.
In the early 1960′s, Bestobell engineers developed a Water Turbine Main Shaft Seal, the first of which was installed and commissioned in 1968.
In 1991 Bestobell Seals Ltd. was purchased by Sterling Industries PLC and Sterling Mechanical Seals was established. Sterling carried on the long tradition of Bestobell and Trist of designing and supplying seals to the Power Generation Industry worldwide.
In 2005, the heavy industrial seal division of Sterling Mechanical Seals underwent a management buyout, leading to the formation of SM Seals Ltd.
Five years later in 2010, SM Seals Ltd. was acquired by Industrial Manufacturing Company International (IMCI), an American organisation with a strong portfolio of industrial engineered products and comprising 30 manufacturing facilities and around 4,500 employees worldwide.
Utilising IMCI group engineering and sales resources, SM Seals now boasts a global sales, manufacturing and technical support network, providing increased customer service, cost effective sealing solutions and the wider promotion of SM seals around the world.
SM Seals have been supplied to over 300 power generation sites worldwide with more than 1,200 seals in operation today.

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