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Design & Supply

As part of the IMCI group of companies, S M SEALS (SMS) is an internationally recognized brand, renowned for the manufacture of high quality reliable mechanical seals for use on hydropower turbines and cooling water pump applications. S M Seals has been manufacturing seals for use on hydro, fossil-fuel and nuclear power stations for over 50 years and are OEM suppliers to some of the world’s largest turbine manufacturers. Our seals are fitted on hundreds of power installations worldwide with numerous prestigious reference sites SMS can supply seals for new, retro-fit or refurbishment projects and can reverse engineer components/spare parts for existing installations. Our seals are bespoke to each turbine or pump shaft and designed for ease of fitment, long-life and the lowest leakage possible.


  • Long Life Wear Face
  • Reduced Leakage
  • Easy Install Design
  • Reduced Seal Flushing
  • Wear Monitoring
  • No Seal to Shaft Contact
  • Load Adjustment
  • Hydrostatic Feed
  • Proven Performance
  • Low Maintenance


SMS have a continuous research and development program, specializing in dirty water and high pressure applications, providing station operators with optimum wear and water leakage on most arduous.


New Seals

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Repairs & Refurbishments

The initial part of the design process starts with the design concept, or in the case of a refurbishment, a replacement seal design using the existing seal envelope.


The main criteria at this point are the operating parameters and the available space to fit a seal.


  • Shaft Size: Ø3352.8 mm
  • Speed: 87.5 rpm
  • Pressure to be Sealed: 1 kgf/cm2


After analyzing all the information from the customer we sketch an initial seal design into the existing seal envelope.


It is at this stage that we run our design calculation program.


This determines:
  1. Seal Balance
  2. PCD of Hydrostatic Feed Holes
  3. Number of Hydrostatic Feed Holes
  4. Seal Loading





Result = Minimum Permissible Leakage


If required, due to the pressures being sealed we run a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) program.


FEA shown checks integrity of butt joints.

Once the design calculations have been completed we can finalize the seal design and complete a proposal drawing.



Reverse Engineering

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At S M Seals we can provide spares and replacement parts.


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